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Daniel Pearson


Mr. Pearson is a veteran from the Gulf War and spent 4 years in the Marine Corps. He is currently serves as a full time Firefighter/Paramedic for the Village of Hoffman Estates where he has 18 years of experience. Mr. Pearson's experiencegoes beyond with more than 23 years of involvement in the fire service. Throughout the years he has acquired countless certifications through the Office of the State Fire Marshall. Many of which display his natural abilities to respond above and beyond the basic firefighting duties.


Mr. Pearson teaches at various locations around the state. He teaches several different classes such as; Basic & Advanced Fire Technician, Haz-Mat, Technical Rescue, Arson, Incident Command, and Vehicle Machinery. Mr. Pearson also teaches Trenching and Confined Space classes for the OSHA Education Center at The University of Texas at Arlington.


Mr. Pearson displays a passion and aptitude for leadership that can be seen inside and outside of the classroom. His devotion to First In Rescue Training is imbedded in the companys dedication to safety. This is safety in everyday situations and unplanned on-site rescues. Beyond being the Director of First In Rescue Training Mr. Pearson also served  as the Battalion Chief of STraining and Safety for Hoffman Estates Fire Department. This allowed Mr. Pearson to continually gain knowledge, and grow his skill set and experience in managing incident safety.

director, trainer, owner
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