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First In Rescue Training focuses on utilizing only the best trained and most knowledgable instructors. Our full time instructors have over 80 years of combined experience. These instructors come from a pool of career firefighters that are on technical rescue teams. Besides their full-time job, these instructors also teach at college’s, training centers, and facilitate on-site drills throughout the entire Midwest.


Each and every instructor is certified through the Office of the State Fire Marshal as Advanced Firefighter, as well as, being a technical rescue specialists and a licensed paramedic. We also have multiple instructors on staff that teach for OSHA’s Outreach Program through Texas University of Arlington.


Beyond these qualifications and credentials we ask each instructor to bring his own experiences and training into the classroom, thus building on our consistant lesson plans. Some  of our instructors have past experience as “safety coordinators” in the private industry.

First in Rescue Training can design a custom program to meet your needs and objectives at a reasonable price. We will come to your facility and work with your company to create a customized training package that suit your needs. We can build a stand alone program, or  add to  your current procedures (and/or assist with writing new ones). Our techniques in training have lasting effects on our students.  We use creative ways to teach each and every student, even to the most “experienced” ones.

Clients We Serve

・Public Works
・Fire Departments
・Private Industry
・Doctors Offices

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Training We Provide:

・Confined Space Training
・Trench/Competent person
・Fire extinguisher Training
・CPR/First-Aid Training
・Fall Protection Training
・Hazardous Materials

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